Know the Best Time and Season to Visit Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the best tourist destinations because of scenic sites and rich cultural heritage. As a visitor, one is assured of getting some of the best hotels in the world and more importantly hospitable staff who will make their holiday unforgettable. To enjoy even more, it is advisable to know the best time and season to visit Bahrain.

The springs
Though Bahrain falls within a tropical desert climate, the common seasonality of winter and summer temperature shifts are easily noticeable. During the hot season, temperatures are very high reaching up to 100F-120F. This has proven to be uncomfortable to many visitors who are used to warm temperatures especially northern of the Hemisphere. The spring and autumn time has the best temperatures for visitors. Day temperatures are moderate and pleasant for visitors to enjoy the cultural events and even travelling into the deserts. During fall, more people are travelling to Bahrain is also an opportune period to meet them. Though the country does not have extensive beaches since it has reclaimed most of them to supplement the limited landmass, many people still prefer its superior hotels. In Bahrain, visitors can enjoy relaxing on hotels built over water and downtown different cities. This is an opportunity to enjoy the best
services from the hospitable staff.

The celebrations of Eid al Fitr and Eid Al-Adha
Ramadan in Bahrain is a special moment to learn about the Islamic traditions and the country to. Eid al Fitr and Eid Al-Adha, the two main celebrations after the holy month of Ramadan provide the communities in Bahrain a moment to come together and enjoy the
country’s delicacies. Unlike other countries that are strictly Islamic, Bahrain is different. All other communities and religions are invited into the celebrations. This is a perfect moment to enjoy great delicacies such as biryani rice, roasted animals, dried apricots and Ramadan juices. It is also a time of great entertainment with traditional Bahrain dances and tunes. These days usually follow the appearance of moon at the end of the month of July every year.

Jewellery Arabia show
In the month of November, Bahrain hosts an international trade fair on jewellery and beauty accessories. This event has become the largest show in entire Middle East. As a visitor this is an opportune time to get wide selections of antique gold jewellery, clocks, gem-set jewellery, silver jewellery, and watches. Exhibitors in the show include Gucci, Park Philippe, Omega, Valentino, Swatch, and Versace among others. This is an opportune time to get jewellery or house item that will make you remember the destination.

Bahrain Grand Prix competition period
Grand Prix is one of the latest in the country’s attractions. The country was the first to hold a formula one competition in the region and has since 2004 become a must watch for locals and international visitors. Once visitors are through with Bahrain Visas, they only need to follow the formula one competitions timetable. Plan to visit the next racing and get the assurance that it will be a real thriller and worth every penny you spend on the trip.

Great Historic Places to See in Sri Lanka

In light of the extravagant occasions you can use for a generally shoddy prize Sri Lanka is quick turning into a famous terminus for vacationers. Despite the fact that Sri Lanka was acclaimed for its magnificence for quite a while one of the primary explanations behind tourism didn’t take off was the common war that was continuing for very nearly three decades. With the end of the war government has dispatched a solid fight to push tourism and bunches of profits are given for guests and inn industry all in all.

Regarding the matter of spots to see in Sri Lanka it could be separated into three classes, aged noteworthy locales, common destinations like nature stores and organic enclosure and distinctive galleries which showcase diverse high quality art made in Sri Lanka.

With a recorded history that compasses more than two thousand years Sri Lanka can brag of probably the oldest destinations on the planet. For a little Island it has six UNESCO social world legacy locales. The most went to of all of them, Sigiriya rock fortification is viewed as the eighth miracle of the world by some as a result of unprecedented outline of the spot. Brilliant sanctuary of Dambulla, Galle Fort, Sacred city of Kandy, Ancient city of Polonnaruwa and hallowed city of Anuradhapura are the other social world legacy destinations that are worth going to. Regarding spots like Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa the things you can see could be overpowering. It is dependably a decent thought to do some examination and pick the spots to visit before you really go there. Some travel operators can mastermind guided tours and Anuradhapura and Polonnnaruwa are two spots you ought to doubtlessly think about contracting as a tour guide.

Occurring wild life safaris can be an additional favoured activity amid vacationers. Even though Yala may be the most famous country wide car park there are lots far more Mother Nature reserves and also wild life recreational areas propagate during the entire country. Elephants, crocodiles, zoysia, peacocks, wild boar, deer, monkeys are normally found is almost each and every country wide car park plus they are all too easy to area also. Among the most difficult pets to find out are classified as the leopard plus the have together with have being the particular most difficult one to see.

In the event that you would like an alternative kind of activity enabling you to end up being much closer to pets next visiting the particular Pinnawela hippo orphanage is seen as a good plan. Right now there you will observe elephants in semi wild life circumstances and may be involved in activities like container feeding infant elephants.

Most voyagers like to the gigantic Dagobas.They could be a great site when you get near them.The most excellent one is the Ruwanweliseya which is a magnificent site on account of its unadulterated white enormous structure. Another intriguing thing to see are the distinctive moonstones found in sanctuary and royal residence passages. The progressions in moonstone gives a decent sight into the historical backdrop of the nation and how Hinduism began influencing the structural planning of Sri Lanka. Different gatekeeper stones cut out of stones and diverse lakes spread all through the city are few more vacation destinations.

In spite of the fact that not considered a world legacy site and even not considered one of the main eight blessed places in Anuradhapura a standout amongst the most went to vacationer goals in Anuradhapura is the Isurumuniya temple. There are a few acclaimed stone carvings with “Isurumuni Lovers” being the most popular. Apply for Sri Lankan Visas to visit Sri Lanka’s historic places.

Football Stars and their Cars

Football is among the best paying sports in the world. Many players rake in hundreds of pounds each week as wages. They also get other payments from endorsement. As a result, they live high flying lives that allow them to buy the best, rare and expensive cars in the world. Here are some players and the cars they own.

Porsche Cayenne

It is among the most popular cars owned by several players. It is a sport SUV with a turbo speed making movement easy. The car can cost up to 90,000 pounds. The top speed recorded is 173 mph with a power of 550 bhp. Some stars who have owned this machine include Patrice Evra, Chris Smalling, Kolo Toure and England captain Steven Gerard.

Audi Q7

This model is a sporty R8 car. It is German made car driven by the best football stars. It is a car that gives real value for money. Some players who own this include Bacary Sagna, Fernando Torres, Luis Nani, Emmanuel Adebayor and Kieran Gibbs of Arsenal. It costs about 95,000 pounds with a top speed of 155mph and a power rating of 500bhp.

Ferrari F12

It is among a collection owned by Italian hit man Mario Balotelli. It is considered one of the fastest cars on the road today. It has two doors and comes at a staggering cost of about $690,000. Most of the car controls are located in the steering wheel. It has engine capacity at 6.3 liter and power at 545kw going at 8250rpm.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo

It is a sports and luxury SUV car. It is heavily hitting wagon with sophisticated air filled suspensions. It has 405KW of grunt. This machine can is tailored to any environment you cruise in, Robin Van Persie rides in this machine.

Aston Martin DB9

This is a British car sold since 2004. It is fast, cool and just nice. It goes for a price starting at 128,000 pounds with the top speed of 190mph. It has power of 470bhps. Some of the world footballers with this ride include James Milner, Peter Crouch, Glen Johnson and Juan Mata.

Maserati Bran Turismo Stradale MC

The car is among the best and fastest in the world. As a result, Lionel Messi, who has become a decorated Barcelona and Argentina player, owns one. Messi own the white decorated car with a 4.7 litre and V8 engine.

Lamborghini Aventador

It is considered one of the fastest cars in the world. Just as the car, Christiano Ronaldo has speed to match with this car. It can cruise to about 350 km per hour. The car goes for $795,000 making it among the most expensive.

Porsche Panamera S Turbo

This model is owned by the famous Brazilian player and Barcelona front man Neymar. This 419 KW car has ability to accelerate to 100km per hour within 4 seconds. It can go to a maximum of 310 km per hour. The car comes with four doors and is four wheel drive. It gives the rider comfort when carrying other people.

For one to drive some of the fastest cars, you have to take a DSA practical driving test especially in the UK. It can be booked online and you can do it daily. Upon passing the test, you are certified as a qualified driver on the road.


Brazil –The World Cup Football Destination of 2014

Brazil –The World Cup Football Destination of 2014

Brazil will host the World Cup 2014 tournament, where 32 teams representing the qualified nations will square it out in bruising battles that will take one full month to get a winner.

The Teams

-Brazil will host 32 teams during the FIFA World Cup tournament. Brazil as the host nation is the clear favorite to win the tournament. The tournament will be in their home turf and therefore giving them an added advantage in terms of adapting to the local weather situation and altitude levels.

-The large numbers of spectators from the local Brazilian towns and cities will also play a key role that might see the hosts emerging as winners. Other top rated countries that qualified for the 2014 tournament include Spain, England, Germany, Argentina, the Netherlands, Italy and Uruguay.

-Teams from Asia and Africa include Japan, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Iran and Ghana. The US national team will represent North America in the 2014 tournament.

The Players

-The Brazilian team is young and energetic with key players such as Oscar, Fred, Dante, Paulinho, Marcelo, and the free scoring striker Neymar JR. Most sports pundits have given the Brazilians the approval as the favorites to win this prestigious trophy. The Brazilian national team will be looking forward to their young striker, Neymar JR to show the world that football is made in their country. Neymar JR plays for FC Barcelona in Spain and is also a clear favorite to win the top scorer award.

- Argentina will be relying on their lethal striker, Lionel Messi. Playing for Argentina, Lionel Messi is one of the favorite strikers to win the Golden boots in the upcoming World Cup tournament. Lionel Messi plays his club football for FC Barcelona and is rated as one of the best football players of this generation.

-England national team will be depending on the dribbling and goal scoring abilities of Wayne Rooney as they look on to make a mark in Brazil. Rooney is capable of moving mountains with his impeccable skills. He is one of the few strikers who have the privilege of representing England in what is described as the best World Cup tournament ever to be organized.

-Representing Portugal, Christiano Ronaldo will be one of the favorite players to win the top scorer award in Brazil 2014. Ronaldo will be relying on his dribbling and shooting capabilities, especially when in and around the opponent’s 18 yard box to provide stunning goals that might see him emerge out as the top scorer. He can also score long range stunners, making him one of the favorites to win the World Cup 2014 top scorer award.

-Another great player in the 2014 World Cup tournament will be Luis Suarez. He will be representing Uruguay in the World Cup 2014 tournament. He is a prolific goal scorer who plays for Liverpool FC in England at club level. His current form shows that he is one of the clear favorites to become a top scorer in the FIFA World Cup 2014 tournament. His goal scoring skills are phenomenal, making him one of the most envied all-time strikers in this generation.

The turkish visa application form to Brazil, the World Cup football destination for 2014 can be accessed on major online resource sites. Get to Brazil 2014 football destination and watch your favorite team win the World Cup.

San Francisco 49ers’ confirm naming rights with Levi Strauss & co

The San Francisco 49ers’ stadium will now be known as the Levi Stadium after the naming rights were unanimously approved by the it was approved by the Santa Clara City Council.

The council which acts like the board for the stadium voted 7-0 that the stadium should be called the Levi Stadium and the big jeans company will have to pay $220 million over 20 years to have the stadium named the Levi stadium.

The San Francisco 49ers’ CEO Jed York said: ”It’s a testament to why we always thought this project would work, to anybody who every doubted this project would happen, these numbers speak for themselves.”

The Stadium that cost $1.2 billion is scheduled to open for the 2014 season and is hot favourite to host the 2016 Super Bowl.

San Francisco Release Akers

San Francisco have released David Akers as they plan to rebuild a new fresh team. The news came when reports had suggested that the 49ers and Atlanta Falcons might not pursue the New York Jets’ Revis.

David Akers had previously recorded 297 points in two seasons having made 73 of 94 field goal attempts and all 78 points after touchdowns.

However Akers struggled in 2012 having connected only 29 of 42 field goal attempts. Also the 49ers brought in Billy Cundiff during Akers pelvic area so all the signs of him potentially being release where always there.

Akers had a $3 million salary so it will be good for the 49ers to clear their wage bill.

A source has told ”He’s gone,This is happening. They’re moving him. They can’t keep him. They’re rebuilding. They’re starting fresh.”


Two Mistakes Cost the New York Jets of AFC Playoff Contention

The New York Jets Crashed out of the AFC after losing 14-10 to Tennessee Titans.

The New York Jets were looking to beat Tennessee and were well on to there way to doing so but two late mistakes. Mark Sanchez who was at the cause for the mistakes had one of his worst performances of his career and cost the Jets.

Tennessee lead the game 7-3 at half time but the Jets managed to fight their way back into the game but this was not good enough has Tennessee took advantage after with a 13-yard run by Titans quarterback Jake Locker.

Mark Sanchez came under fire for his poor performance after only connecting 13 of 28 passes so he is under a lot of pressure to up his game.


Celtic Vs Real Madrid friendly in U.S.A

Celtic have established that they will be playing real Madrid on august 11th in Philadelphia.this match is part of the 2012 world football challenge which is in north America.

Other teams that are taking part in this are: Liverpool, Chelsea, AC Milan, Juventus and Paris St Germain, along with Major League Soccer sides, LA Galaxy, DC United, Seattle Sounders and Toronto.

Celtic are very pleased to have a match in the US, he hopes this will get the team more fans and get their name out there with the title of Scottish league champions.

“We look forward to coming up against Jose Mourinho again and competing against some of the world’s greatest players at Real Madrid. It is right that we do all we can to give our supporters the opportunity to see the team play and, in doing so, promote all that is great about Celtic and Scottish football.” said Peter Lawwell, the Parkhead club’s chief executive

Rangers sale agreed – American’s dream comes true as Miller enters the Ibrox hotseat

Bill Miller could complete his purchase of Rangers by the end of the season after Administrators named the American businessman as preferred bidder.

And Miller has promised to end the culture of overspending at the club.

Miller is seeking to buy the assets of the club, which could have debts of up to £135million, and form a new company while bidding to take the current club out of administration.

Miller released a statement through the club which described his opportunity to buy “one of the UK’s most venerable football clubs” as a “great honour and privilege”.

The American added: “What Rangers have been put through, particularly in recent months, is a travesty and from what I can see they have been badly let down by a number of individuals.

“This will not happen on my watch should I become the custodian of this great club.

“Under my stewardship, Rangers will be managed with fiscal discipline such that the club not only conforms to Uefa financial fair play regulations but also such that Rangers will never have to suffer this kind of anguish again.”

Rangers take on Motherwell at Ibrox tomorrow in McCoist’s side’s penultimate game of a troubled season.

until Monday, May 14 anyway.

Miller’s success was announced in a statement from Administrators Duff and Phelps, which read: “We are delighted to announce that we have received an unconditional bid for the business and assets of Rangers Football Club plc from Mr Bill Miller which has been accepted and he is now the preferred bidder.


Marlow Wolves start fast in American Football league

MARLOW Wolves have made a flying start in their bid to qualify all three teams for the BritBowl this summer.

The Juniors were the squad dragging their heels, but after a difficult season last year they have begun 2012 in spectacular fashion with three wins out of four on the opening day.

A 15-7 reverse to Coventry Cougars looked like continuing a trend, but they ripped up the script after that with superb victories over London Blitz, Studley Bearcats and Chorley Buccanneers.

Meanwhile, the Cadets kept up their end of the bargain with four straight wins on the first day.

Coventry Cougars, Studley Bearcats, Coventry Jets and Chorley Buccanneers were all beaten as both Marlow teams ended the day top of their leagues.

They are next in action in three weeks, when the kitted squad also kick off their season.